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Students, it’s time for science class. Please take out your notebook, grab a pencil and put on your kids blue light glasses. Ahem. Today’s topic is blue light. Blue light is a natural wavelength of light on the “ROYGBIV” light spectrum. Like all wavelengths on the visible spectrum, there’s nothing inherently healthy or unhealthy about blue light. They’re just light waves, and evolution has made sure that our eyes are perfectly capable of handling them under normal conditions. Class dismissed!
Alas, conditions right now are not normal. All of the little screens both children and adults look at all day long emit more blue light than our eyes are accustomed to absorbing. And studies show that prolonged exposure to blue light can be less than ideal for our eye health. That’s why Sunski offers fun and functional blue light glasses—including specifically sized blue light filter glasses for kids.
Kids blue light glasses are often called “computer glasses” because they protect little eyes from blue light emitted by cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers and televisions—you know, all those things that kids love. But no one of any age loves the eye fatigue and tension headaches that can come from overexposure to blue light. That’s where blue light blocking glasses for kids come in. Why are kids blue light glasses so important right now? 

(Online) school is cool

Due to circumstances way beyond our control, online school has become a reality for kids and parents. That means in addition to endless multi-person hangouts and hours spent perusing YouTube’s finest, school has been added to the screen-time lineup for kids. And that’s why kids blue light filter glasses are an important consideration.
The advice from eye health experts for kids moving to school-by-screen is simple and clear: take regular breaks from your screen, maintain a safe distance from your devices, and strongly consider blue light blocking glasses for kids. Even if they aren’t regular eyeglass wearers, kids blue light glasses just might help improve their online school results.
It’s emotionally taxing enough that four to six hours of each day that used to be spent in person with their besties has suddenly disappeared. Adding the very real stress of blue light overexposure to the equation is a recipe for burnout. You can keep the peace with Sunski blue light glasses for kids—and while you’re here, maybe grab a pair for yourself.

Gamers gonna game

Sunski kids blue light filter glasses feature crystal-clear lenses for superior optical clarity without color distortion. This purity lets your obsessed little see the screen exactly as the game designers intended. But blue light blocking glasses for kids do more than let them run up the score or take their talents to the next level. Kids blue light glasses are a functional tool that acknowledges when most gaming actually happens.
Why kids blue light glasses for nighttime gamers? In nature, blue light is strongest in the early morning. But late-night gaming can trick your brain into thinking it is morning—your grey matter is telling you it’s time to rise and shine, but your body is worn out from a whole day of whatever it is we do all day. If you’ve ever had difficulty falling asleep after watching a movie on your laptop or doomscrolling social media on your phone, you’ve experienced one of the common effects of blue light.
So when your little gamer says “I can’t sleep” after a few hours of dodging creepers or avoiding would-be tacklers with sick juke moves, they’re probably not just being a brat. It is physiology talking. And blue light blocking glasses for kids just might make the situation more relaxed for the entire household.

Style matters at every age

Admit it: you obsess over your online appearance. You make sure you’re groomed and fashionable before a cameras-on Zoom meeting (well, at least the above the waist—no reason to change out of those comfy sweats). You might even stick a couple of college textbooks on the shelf behind you to improve your room rating. There’s no shame in any of that. You’re not alone.
Kids are often just as conscious of their appearance as their parents. And their choice in blue light blocking glasses for kids should reflect their own personal style. That’s why Sunski makes kids blue light glasses in some of our post popular adult styles. Whether it’s the renowned round lenses of our Mini Dipsea Blue Light or the wayfarer-inspired styling of our Mini Headland Blue Light, your little scholar will appreciate the combination of style and sensibility in our kids blue light glasses.