Existing WOMP Wholesale Customers:

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What is this WOMP thing?

The Wholesale Order Management Platform (WOMP) gives you the ability to shop directly from our website with keystone (50% off) wholesale pricing.  It's perfect for topping up your stock after a big weekend or before a holiday rush.

A few reasons to use it:

  • Tremendously intuitive: if you've ever shopped online, you got this.
  • Our lowest minimums ( $200 minimum / ~8 pairs of shades)
  • Our fastest shipping: Orders usually ship within 24 hours.
  • Immediate available-to-ship visibility.  Everything you see can ship ASAP.
  • Payment is handled upfront by credit card, with no need to track invoices or payables.

3 Easy Steps to Register for the WOMP:

Step 1:  Register for an account (Opens in a new tab)

Step 2: Log in to your account (Opens in a new tab)

Step 3: Go shop!

For any questions, please email us!