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Sunglass Trends: a Far Out Guide

If you wear trendy sunglasses and nobody sees them, are they still trendy? This is the big question. In a time when sunglasses trends (and just trends in general) are constantly evolving, we can’t be blamed for wondering.

What do sunglass trends look like today?

For those of us who are suffering from some fashion-forgetfulness: yes, sunglass trends still exist. Since outdoor events have been more desirable than indoor, people have been adventuring outside in droves. The last few summers, bikes sold out across the country…as did kayaks, golf clubs and tents.

sunglass trend - girl basking

And what do all outdoor activities have in common? The SUN! With sun comes sunglasses, and this year, a desire for both style and comfort means that sunglass trends are both fashionable and outdoor-ready.

What sunglass trends are not hot?

Let’s start with what’s going out of style. Although we’ve got a considerable helping of aviators from President Joe Biden, they’re not at the top of our list this year (although we do have these awesome ones if they’re your thing).

sunglass trends - treeline

Just an example of our awesome aviator style Treelines

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Secondly, remember the tiny sunglasses trend from a few years back? Yeah…those are gone, and it’s a good thing, too, because itty-bitty frames don’t offer the type of coverage necessary for outdoor adventures.

Finally, recent years’ huge flat topped lenses and super thick frames are fading into the background, making way for more practical styles.

Today's Sunglass Trends

Retro Sunglasses

Retro shades are back! The Foxtrots are a timeless option with two color options. They look like something I could have found in my grandpa’s ‘pocketbook’, (as she called it) in 1970, and I’m here for it.

trendy sunglasses foxtrots

The Foxtrot is just one of many Sunski epic retro shades!

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The Baia is a round silhouette that will have you channeling your inner Lennon. A frame that will never go out of style no matter the sunglass trends.

sunglass trends - baia

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Comfy Clear & Colorful Sunglasses

With retro, comes unconventional colors. As sunglass trends pay homage to classic silhouettes, adding a pop of color or a subtly bold clear frame, is all the rage right now.

The Makanis are a sleek and classic option with a slight cat-eye and available in lots of fun colors. They’ll add a ton of extra sun protection to whatever adventure you’re on.

It’s the perfect time to go back to the basics with a pair like Sunski’s Dipseas in the elegant Dusk Bronze color. They’re perfect for lounging around and sun-basking.

The Dusk Bronze Dipseas can make any look fun!

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Clear or white frames are a simple way to be fashion-forward. They’re sleek and can add a little light to a year that sometimes feels dark. Sunski offers clear options for a variety of frames, so you’re all set no matter your personal style or face shape.

Our Yubas give you a classic shape with a white frame that will go with any outfit.

sunglass trends - yuba clear forest

The Yuba Clear Forest is a spruced up, trendy spin on an old classic.

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Lastly, a show-stopping pair of clear, trendy sunglasses are the Caminas, an oversized option with a color that brings the retro vibes.

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Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric, angular frames are the perfect way to add a flash of style to a casual look. The sleek Berninas are definitely worthy of a mountain-top photo op. They even have a blog post to themselves.

 sunglass trend - bernina

The Bernina implements elevated style and design.


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What do sunglass trends really mean to Sunski?

trendy sunglasses makani

Like the vibe these Makanis are giving? Find more pink lens sunglasses here

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At Sunski, even before sunglasses trends, our primary love is the outdoors. This means enhancing our customer’s outdoor experiences while making sure that our sunglasses leave no trace on the environment.


Before we even designed our first pair of trendy shades, we had a sustainability plan. This plan includes things like our recycled frames, our plastic-free packaging, and our Climate Neutral commitment. For more detail on our sustainability initiatives, read here.

We believe in following long-term trends: not just passing fads. Timeless styles like the Ventana (plus our lifetime warranty) put sustainability into action, because they’ll always be ‘in’. The longer you can keep your sunglasses, the less sunglasses you throw out. Read more about Sunski’s mother-earth approved styles straight from Sunski’s designer.

sunglass trend - ventana

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Our sunglasses aren’t just trendy, they’re made for a rough life outdoors. We have oversized,glacier-ready frames, sturdy, rock-climbing ready classics, and even vintage-inspired pairs. No matter the shape, our lenses are all polarized for pristine sun protection and come with durable lightweight frames that will go with any sunglass trend.