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Sunglasses Trends 2023: What Sunglasses are In Style

What types of sunglasses are trending in 2023?

For those of us who are suffering from some fashion-forgetfulness: yes, sunglasses trends still exist. Since outdoor events have been more desirable than indoor, people have been adventuring outside in droves. The last few summers, bikes sold out across the country…as did kayaks, golf clubs and tents.

Sunglasses that are in style, ready to be taken on an adventure

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Find shades that fit your sense of adventure AND hit the current trends!

And what do all outdoor activities have in common? The SUN! With sun, comes sunglasses. This year, a desire for both style and comfort means that 2023 sunglasses trends are both stylish and outdoor-ready.

Whether trekking in the snow, hitting the trails or enjoying the patio dining at the cool new place in town, you could use some stylish shades to complement your adventures. Read on for our rundown of 2023 sunglasses trends.

Sporty Sunglasses

The wraparound racer-style sunglasses are expected to be popular this year. If you need optimal protection on long bike rides and challenging climbs, you’re in luck with this sunglasses trend.

Woman sticking her tongue out while wearing pair of trending sunglasses

Pick up a sporty frame and feel the stoke on your next outing!

We have an entire collection dedicated to sport sunglasses, and a must for this year is the Velo. Velos combine two sunglasses trends for 2023: geometric shape and wraparound frames. It’s important to have sunglasses that will stay on your face no matter how much you’re moving, which makes them one of our favorite sunglasses trends for 2023.

Velo sunglasses prepping for their next ride

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Another trendy sport frame is the Anza. Its large frame offers prime coverage for recreation under the sun. Plus, the subtle cat-eye will give you a stylish edge, no matter the intensity of your adventure.

Retro Inspired Sunglasses

Retro styles often come with unconventional colors. As sunglasses trends pay homage to classic silhouettes, adding a pop of color or a subtly-bold, clear frame, is all the rage right now.

The Makanis are a sleek and classic option with a slight cat-eye and available in lots of fun colors. They’ll add a ton of extra sun protection to whatever adventure you’re on.


A pair of Makani retro sunglasses that are in style in 2023


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Makanis have that sun-kissed skin kind of vibe

It’s the perfect time to go back to the basics with a pair like Sunski’s Dipseas, in the elegant Dusk Bronze color. They’re perfect for lounging around, whether it's basking poolside or dining outside for brunch.

One of our most popular sunglasses in 2023, Dipsea, perched by a pool

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Tinted or white frames are a simple way to be fashion-forward. They’re sleek and can add a little brightness to your look. Sunski offers clear options for a variety of frames, so you’re all set no matter your personal style or face shape.

A group of people wearing sunglasses that are on trend in 2023

Tinted frames make for a stylish feel at the beach

Our Yubas fit the retro sunglasses trend, too. They give you a classic shape with a white frame, sure to go with any outfit.

Lastly, a show-stopping pair of clear, trendy sunglasses are the Caminas, an oversized option with a color that brings the retro vibes.

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Sunglasses with Side Shields

Another bold, versatile sunglasses trend for 2023 incorporates side shields. In our glacier collection, sunglasses provide extra protection from glare with detachable side shields.

Sunglasses with side shields up above alpine

Protect your eyes so they can enjoy those gorgeous mountain views!

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These side shields make sunglasses like the Teras perfect for mountaineering or backpacking, especially at alpine levels. Plus, their unique look transitions to cool vibes out on the town.

Other side-shield sunglasses, like Couloirs and Treelines, should not be overlooked with this year’s sunglasses trends.

All smiles in sunglasses atop a snowy peak

Snag some Couloirs for optimal protection from snow glare

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Metal Frames

The perfect blend of vintage and modern looks, the metal framed shades add an elevated sense of fashion to your outdoor look. It’s no wonder this style is ‘in’ for 2023 sunglasses trends.

Our Baia sunglasses are well-suited for those days that you really just want to lay out and enjoy the sun, or hit the park to catch up with friends. They also come in warm, natural hues, which pair particularly well with metal frames.

Basking in the sun poolside with sunglasses

Really, is there a better way to lounge poolside than in sleek Baias?

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Fun, Bold Shapes

Geometric, angular frames are the perfect way to add a flash of style to a casual look. The sleek Berninas are definitely worthy of a mountain-top photo op. These frames deserve bonus points for combining two trends: unique shape and metal frames. They even have a blog post all to themselves!

If you’re looking to shake things up in 2023, go for the geometric sunglasses trend. With Berninas and our sporty Velos, you’re sure to look fierce on your next adventure.

Metal, geometric sunglasses out on a blanket in the sun

With Berninas, you'll feel confidently in-style on your next park stroll

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Eco-Friendly Eyewear

With a growing interest in sustainability, people are coming around to green eyewear. If you’re enjoying the trails or simply basking in the sun, it’s nice to know that your shades are planet-friendly, too! We love to see the rise of a sustainable sunglasses trend in 2023.

Before we even designed our first pair of trendy shades, we had a sustainability plan. This plan includes things like our recycled frames, our plastic-free packaging, and our Climate Neutral commitment. For more detail on our sustainability initiatives, read here.

Smiling by the ocean, in sunglasses and hat

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We believe in following long-term trends: not just passing fads. Timeless styles like the Ventana (plus our lifetime warranty) put sustainability into action, because they’ll always be ‘in’. The longer you can keep your sunglasses, the less sunglasses you throw out. Read more about Sunski’s mother-earth approved styles straight from Sunski’s designer, and our No Shortcuts on Design process.

Adventure Support

Our sunglasses aren’t just trendy, they’re made for a rough life outdoors. We have oversized, glacier-ready frames, sturdy, rock-climbing ready classics, and even vintage-inspired pairs. No matter the shape, our lenses are all polarized for pristine sun protection and come with durable lightweight frames that will go with any 2023 sunglasses trends.

Buckling on a helmet for a mountainous bike ride

If you’re feeling stuck on which trend to pick, check out our guide on which sunglasses go best with your face shape!

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