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guy wearing blue light glasses
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Do blue light glasses work?

You may be wondering, “Do blue light glasses really work?”

At Sunski, we wondered the same thing! As a sunglasses brand backed by a team of adventure-loving, outdoorsy humans, blue light glasses weren’t exactly at the top of the list. (The top of our list looked more like “new surfboard, tent, hammock”).

But with COVID-19 on the scene, we realized that even our sun-loving community was going to be ramping up their screen time in 2020. So we got serious about blue light glasses, which we were casually testing behind the scenes (screens?) over the last year. Today, with a solid twelve months of product testing backing our blue light glasses, Team Sunski can confidently answer the question, “Do blue light glasses work?” with a resounding WHY YES, THEY DO.

dipsea tortoise blue light

Our Dipsea Blue Light in Tortoise!

What’s blue light?

Allow us to explain. Blue light refers to a wavelength of light emitted by the sun, as well as LED lights and screens —your tv, computer and cell phone all emit blue light. Along with ultraviolet light, blue light has the shortest wavelength and highest energy.

Doctors say blue light exposure is linked to eye fatigue, insomnia and macular degeneration —yikes. Today, thanks to all that screen time, people are exposed to more blue light than ever before.

The many wonders of blue light glasses

If your screen time is at an all time peak right now, remember: all this blue light isn’t exactly doing you any favors. It’s causing eye fatigue, tension headaches, and stimulating your brain to think “it’s daytime, wake up!” at all hours of the day, even just before bed.

At Sunski, we’re big fans of the full 8 hours. We also love to wake up with the sun for pre-work surf sessions, bike rides and workouts. But when you’re exposed to blue light, your body suppresses melatonin. Melatonin is an important regulator of your sleep cycle. Nothing kills your dawn patrol stoke level like a bad night’s sleep.

Common side effects of wearing blue light glasses, as reported by Team Sunski, include significantly reduced eye strain, less headaches, better sleep quality, falling asleep faster, and in the words of one team member, “Happy eyes!”

Blue light glasses help to prevent insomnia, eye fatigue and even macular degeneration. You want to keep seeing the sunset even when you’re 80, right?

All this is to say, once you go blue light, you’ll never go back. So for those of you who were wondering, “do blue light blocking glasses work?” well, now you know.

Blue light glasses at Sunski

If you think of Sunski as a fun-loving outdoor adventure brand, it may be a surprise to learn how seriously we take eyewear design. The truth is, we geek out just as hard (and get just as maniacal) about planning our backcountry weekend adventures as we do about the finer details of eyewear design.

ryann in blue light glasses

Our Logistics Manager, Ryann, sporting the Dipsea Black blue light glasses!

All Day comfort

It’s the details that can make all the difference, especially when it comes to comfort. You know those cheap (or sometimes really, really expensive) glasses that pinch at the bridge of your nose and squeeze uncomfortably behind your ears, only to stretch out and start sliding off your head a week later? Yeah, we hate those too. That’s a big part of why we started Sunski.

All Sunski frames are made from SuperLight recycled polycarbonate, a lightweight and flexible plastic that’s also super strong. So you can rest easy knowing that your blue light glasses will fit as comfortably on the first minute of your Planet Earth binge as they do on minute 1,116.

“At Sunski, comfort isn’t just something we talk about, it’s a key driver in all product design decisions. With our blue light blocking lenses, we’re expanding that level of comfort to protect your eyes when working in front of any screen.” 

- Sindre Klepp, Head of Design

Technical specs

When it came to blue light blocking lenses, we took no shortcuts. Our blue light lenses block 50% of blue light below 450 nm wavelengths and 100% of ultraviolet light below 410 wavelengths.

Think of blue light glasses like sunglasses for screens. The typical backlit LED screen produces up to 450 nanometers of blue light, which means your eyes are well shielded from harm when you wear Sunski blue light glasses.

Pick your favorite!

Sunski’s Blue Light Collection comes in four bestselling styles and a variety of colors from matte black to tortoise, so there’s truly something for everyone. If you’ve been thinking about giving blue light blockers a try, carpe diem and shop Sunski’s blue light glasses collection.