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Sunski Lens Guide: The Best Lenses On Earth for Outdoor Adventure

No matter the adventure you’re heading on, there is a perfect pair of Sunskis to go along with it. And while style is an important consideration for sunglasses (hence why there’s so many Sunski options), don’t forget to consider the whole picture.

One underrated factor to consider with your sunglasses is the lenses. Rest assured, all Sunskis are polarized. But not all lenses are made with the same materials. We specifically designed our sunglasses to have a variety of lenses, suited for every kind of adventure. We’re all about functional, intentional design, after all.

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Did you know that almost every other sunglasses brand up-charges for polarized lenses? We don't!” -Sindre, Head of Design

Think about it, do you need your lenses to be mega sturdy for your daily dog walk in the park? Or do you want those lenses on a backcountry ski trip?

Read on for our quick rundown on types of sunglass lenses, so you can find the ultimate style to live your best life outside.

For Alpine Adventures: Polycarbonate Lenses

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Thanks to their light weight and durability, polycarbonate (PC) lenses are optimal for more extreme adventures. These types of lenses are intensely tough, so they are able to withstand higher impact than other types of lenses. Perfect for rugged terrain and adventures off the beaten path.

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Sunglasses like the Treeline and the Tera are chomping at the bit for a little rush of adrenaline, so it just made sense for the Alpine Collection to host this sturdy material. Plus, with the weightlessness of PC lenses, you can adventure in extra comfort. Without pressure on the bridge of your nose, you can focus on the task at hand: enjoying your time outside. In a pair of PC sunnies, you’ll be set to go full-throttle each time you summit the lift.

For Kicking Back: Columbia Resin #39 Lenses

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Lenses made from Columbia Resin #39 (CR-39) are particularly high quality, which is why they are used in Sunski’s Premium Collection. CR-39 lenses are solid and scratch resistant, so they won’t be offended by a little sand in the tote bag. With top-tier optical clarity and less eye-strain, CR-39 sunglasses let you bask in the view at a whole new level.

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Elevated styles like the Baia and Bernina are meant for days of pure chill, and when you’re posted up for a day at the beach, relishing the ocean scene is at least half the draw. You need a crystal clear vantage! Every design at Sunski is thoughtfully created, and the enhanced clarity of CR-39 lenses pair especially well with the timeless premium styles.

For Everyday Sun: Tri-Acetate Cellulose Lenses

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Outside of the Alpine and Premium collections, all other Sunskis are made with Triaceteate Cellulose (TAC). Since TAC lenses are only 1 mm thick, there’s a lot of versatility with the material. For instance, it’s easier to add colored mirror coatings to TAC lenses. As a result, you have styles like the best-selling Dipsea and the eye-catching Miho with a lot of cool colors to choose from!

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“Every lens we make also blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays (otherwise it wouldn't do a very good job protecting your eyes, which are sunglasses #1 job).” -Sindre, Head of Design

If all this lens talk has you stoked, you can further your lens knowledge with a read up on visual light transmission (VLT). In short: how much light is making it through the lenses to your eyes?

Otherwise, it’s time to pick your sunnies! Stuck on style? Grab a little inspo from our blog on best Sunskis for your face type.

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