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The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids
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The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

Regardless of age, these days everyone is looking at screens more and more – especially the kiddos. Enter the best blue light blocking glasses for kids, Kidski blue light glasses. With most kids entering their second year of “school” (aka Zoom Academy), kids’ eyes are just as at risk for headaches, fatigues, and eyes strain as the rest of us.

girl wearing sunski kids blue light blocking glasses

From their surge in popularity, you probably know how blue light glasses work already. Blue light has the shortest wavelengths and highest energy than other types of light on the color spectrum (other than Ultraviolet), making it powerful and hard to withstand for elongated periods of time. While the majority of blue light actually comes from the sun, we’re subjected to it inside too; most notably from computers, phones, fluorescent lights, LED lights and television screens.

girl wearing dipsea blue light blocking glasses

With classrooms replaced by online video conferencing, kids’ blue light glasses have seen a surge in popularity. That’s why we took some of our most popular frames – the Headland and the Dipsea - and created the best blue light blocking glasses for kids. Whether first grade or middle school, we wanted to give our younger generation a chance to show up for class feeling good and looking better.

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Other than the novelty of wearing cool glasses, we did some research, and here’s what we found!

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The benefits of the best blue light blocking glasses for kids:

Sleep benefits

Researchers agree that blue light from screens makes it harder for the body to produce melatonin. Blue light glasses can be especially helpful with homework at night, meaning it’s ok to keep chugging along on Algebra homework long past sunset. The other great benefit is that more sleep equals more time for pre-school activities off the computer.

girls at computers where sunski blue light blocking glasses for kids

Less eye strain

Research shows that long periods of time staring at anything (books included!) will cause eye strain. So whether your kid is reading a textbook or looking at a tablet, eye strain might still be an issue. However, blue light glasses do help to improve migraine related eye strain, which we do know can be specifically caused by an overuse of screens.

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Our kids’ blue light glasses are just as technically sound as the ones we make for adults. Typically, a screen produces up to 450 nanometers of blue light. Our lenses block 50% of any blue light below 450 nm, and 100% of the just as powerful ultraviolet light below 410 nm. Essentially, wearing blue light glasses is kind of like wearing sunglasses for your computer… which doesn’t care if you’re 5 years old or 35 years old.

boy wearing sunski blue light blocking glasses for kids

Let’s give the lil’ peepers as much protection as the grown up ones!

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