Return to Nature: Is it Time for a Digital Detox?
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Return to Nature: Is it Time for a Digital Detox?

We’ve all hit that point when technology becomes overbearing. Like during those busy weeks, when you think: I just need to not hear my phone ping for a minute.

That’s why it’s important to carve out time for a digital detox: big or small, ditch the phone. It can be hard, but at Sunski, we recognize the need for balance between living life outside and keeping up with the world. We are big proponents of letting your inner sunworshipper out to play any chance you get!

Holding a little frog while out on a hike

So, what is digital detoxing, and how can you relish in the benefits? We’ll run through some ideas and tips for a fruitful unplug sesh, so you can find time to bask more and stress less.

What is a Digital Detox?

In short, a digital detox is dedicated time away from your devices. It’s an unplug from technology, where you leave behind the modern noise in favor of something a bit more peaceful. As a legion of nature lovers and adventure seekers, we know that heading outside is a therapeutic reprieve from the chaos.

Fishing off the coast from San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

Sometimes the best way to drown out the noise is to cast a line

If you’ve recently found yourself sitting at your computer, staring out the window longingly at the sunny day but finding it impossible to step away, this is your sign. If you feel like you’re checking your phone every few minutes, only to find nothing new, this is your sign. If you feel anxiety, stress, or depression surrounding social media, this is your sign. It’s time for a digital detox.

Why a Digital Detox is Like a Refresh Button

This may come as a shock, but nearly 1 in 5 American admit that technology brings them extra stress. Putting some distance between you and your devices is one way to manage device anxiety. At this, we think: is there a better way to de-stress than to breathe some fresh air?

Group on a mountain peak at twilight

On your next trek, pack your snacks in a Type-1 Fun Sling!

Studies also show that limiting our screen time can actually benefit our mental health. For starters, less tech time can decrease levels of anxiety and can lead to better mood stabilization. And with improved sleep, you can be rejuvenated for a new day of adventures!

Another cool benefit? A digital detox can strengthen the bonds of your relationships. Think about it: have you ever hiked to a summit with a friend that is trying to find service? Or maybe you’ve stressed about getting reception on what was supposed to be a relaxing beach day.

Two people joking together on a walk in the forest

Realistically, we’ve all played both parts, and it can be frustrating on either end. If you can keep your phone in airplane mode or turn it off completely, you’ll stay present in the moment and make lasting memories with your adventure buddies. And won’t you feel more well rested for work on Monday if you prioritize your fun-time on the weekend?

Tips for your Digital Detox

Two surfers prepping to hit the waves by the sea cliffs

It’s Okay to Start Slow

Everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to leaving behind devices, and that’s perfectly fine! You don’t have to go cold turkey for a week to reap the rewards of digital detox. Balance is extremely important. You don’t want to cause yourself more stress by going too big.

To start small, leave your phone behind when you hit the lake for a swim or head out for your post-work bike ride. Not only will you stay present in the moment, but it will help you clear your head!

Three people walking across a log amongst the big trees

From Sun Up to sundown, the best thing you can do to unplug is step outside

Find an Accountability Partner

Let’s face it, part of the device addiction comes from a little FOMO. It can feel like we’re missing out by stepping away. To counteract that emotion, ask a friend to hold you accountable! Better yet, invite them on your digital detox outings.

Find a friend who’s down for a device-free hang and make it a habit to walk your dogs together without phones. Help each other forgo the blue light for natural light!

Three cyclists paused for a break on a hill

Ditching technology for the afternoon is well spent with good friends!

Swap Device Time for a Hobby

With the understated pressure of asynchronous communication (both personally and professionally), it’s easier than ever to get attached to our devices. And when you’ve clocked out for the day, the default can quickly become scrolling through social apps and watching videos on repeat. It’s important to go device-free, even for a short time, and what better way to do so than to head out into nature?

If you want to spend less time on your phone, try to find a new hobby that excites you. Get stoked on nature journaling or forest bathing! Or try out a climbing or yoga membership. We recommend an active or outdoor hobby, to mix a little solar rejuvenation in with your digital detox.

Guy all smiles with his ukelele on his hike

Hit the trail with a ukulele and set the digital detox mood with some tunes

Digital Detox Getaways

Camp Grounded

Camp Grounded, a digital detox weekend excursion, describes themselves as an experience for adults to be kids again. Work talk is prohibited, and campers don’t even use their real names! It’s a chance to spend some time outside and rediscover a pure, childlike existence.

Leaping for joy with a mountain forest view in the background


Many digital detox experiences are on the luxury end of things, which isn’t always feasible. So check out Hipcamp, the Airbnb equivalent of the camping world. You can find a glamping, camping, or cabin getaway near you and use it as a digital detox weekend. Some Hipcamp listings act as health retreats, so you may find an experience that prioritizes mental health.

Two people sitting at a picnic table in a sunny park

Finding a peaceful perch with a nice view is nature's ultimate medicine

Camping or Backpacking

Heading off the grid (literally and figuratively) is a low cost way to unplug. Surrounded by the fresh forest air and the peace and quiet of nature? The perfect remedy for digital overload!

Two surfers running out to catch the waves

Digital detox is not a one-size-fits-all, but the biggest step is making the effort. Next time you head out to bask in the sun, try to leave your phone behind. When you’re outside living your life, it’s the best time to hit pause on the mania of the world and live in the purity of the moment. Give it a go and let the stress roll off your shoulders!

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