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Shop our complete line of Sunski clear frame sunglasses. This unique collection is completely polarized and backed with a lifetime guarantee!
woman wearing sunski clear framed sunglasses
sunski baia champagne amber front angle
sunski baia copper forest front angle
sunski baia black forest front angle
sunski baia wire tortoise bronze front angle


sunski dipsea tortoise amber front angle
sunski dipsea rust forest front angle
sunski dipsea champagne brown front angle
sunski dipsea dark sapphire ruby front angle
sunski dipsea dusk bronze front angle
sunski dipsea tortoise ocean front angle
sunski dipsea tortoise aqua front angle
sunski dipsea frosted sky front angle
sunski dipsea black slate front angle
sunski dipsea tortoise emerald front angle


sunski ventana champagne amber front angle
sunski ventana tortoise forest front angle
sunski ventana black forest front angle
sunski ventana caramel amber front angle


sunski yuba deep forest green front angle
sunski yuba tortoise ocean front angle
sunski yuba tortoise amber front angle
sunski yuba caramel ocean front angle
sunski yuba stone terra fade front angle
sunski yuba champagne forest front angle
sunski yuba clear forest front angle


sunski avila olive forest front angle
sunski avila tortoise amber front angle
sunski avila black slate front angle
sunski avila sienna rose front angle
sunski avila clear tortoise fade aqua front angle


sunski headland black front angle
sunski headland sienna bronze front angle
sunski headland clear forest front angle
sunski headland blue front angle
sunski headland twilight velvet front angle
sunski headland snow sepia front angle
susnki headland black forest front angle


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What do you call transparent sunglasses?

Transparent sunglasses can also be referred to as clear sunglasses or crystal glasses. The main attribute to them is that the frame is transparent. Clear frame sunglasses can have no color or a slight tint, like the Avila Clear Tortoise Fade, or the Makani Honey Ocean.

Are clear framed sunglasses in style?

Yes, yes, and yes. Clear framed sunglasses have been a major trend for the last couple years! Why, you ask? Clear sunglasses are a timeless classic. They put a modern spin on an otherwise classic fashion statement. Because transparent or clear sunglasses can have no color, like the Yuba Clear Forest, or a tint of some sort, like Dipsea Champagne Brown, there are clear sunglasses for everyone.

Who wears clear sunglasses?

Anyone and everyone! The great thing about clear sunglasses is their versatility. Whether you use them for hiking or to add a little retro vibe to your ensemble, they provide. The subtlety of the transparent color while still adding some spice. From business casual in the office to the trails to the beach, it’s a clear decision. Clear frame sunglasses are the way to go.

Clear frame sunglasses

Clear frame sunglasses may be trendy, but there’s a lot more depth and longevity to the fashion statement they make than a passing fad. Whether your sense of style is more cult classic—like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite—or the laid back cool of Jeff Goldblum—polarized clear frame glasses are timeless and stylish, classic and current. Transparent sunglasses may be a throwback sunglasses style making a comeback, but you don’t have to be trendy to enjoy their perks, either.

You can’t clash with clear glasses. They match every outfit, so you never need to swap them out (unless you want to, of course) or worry about your sunglasses clashing with your brand new fuchsia puffer jacket. The horror! Since you never really need to change them, clear frame sunglasses are an economical choice for those on the hunt for one good pair of clear glasses to wear forever. And we do mean forever—all of our sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty!

Even if you don’t care about matching, the versatility of these transparent sunglasses is a *clear* benefit (see what we did there?) as well as their ability to turn heads, especially when paired with that vintage neon bodysuit you scored from the thrift shop.

With half a dozen polarized clear frame sunglasses to choose from, you can have your pick of the litter when it comes to choosing what works for your face shape and primary purpose. Whether it’s hiking, skiing, beaching or driving with the top down—we’ve got transparent sunglasses that don’t sacrifice looks for the sake of performance. Our clear glasses happen to look pretty good, too!

We know it’s hard to believe, but you can have your cake and look good while eating it. Whether you're in the search for sunglasses for big heads or small heads, there is a pair of clear sunglasses for you. Stand out in more ways than one when you rock a pair of our clear frame sunglasses, which are all polarized, and made to last from 100% recycled plastic.

Clear frame sunglasses for women

When it comes to transparent sunglasses, we’ve got something for every crayon in the box. If you’re looking for fresh, stylish shades that are indicative of the clear frame sunglasses trend, try the Yuba. Or maybe you’re keen to skirt the sidelines of the trend, and looking for something that a modern-day Hanni Wenzel might wear? Give the Dipsea in the subtly tinted Champagne Ocean color a try.

If you fancy hitting the slopes—or just taking the chairlift up and sipping a hot cocoa in the lodge (no judgment)—you might want to check out our glacier sunglasses collection, a mix of vintage fashion and alpine attitude. Protect those peepers! The combination of reflective snow and high altitude can be tough on your eyes. But never fear, these stylish transparent sunglasses are equipped with removable sun shields, so you won’t be squinting at the slopes. If those don’t suit your fancy, and you’re looking for medium to large clear frame glasses with maximum protection for those sunny summits, then check out the Treeline. Still on the hunt? Check out our full collection of the best polarized sunglasses for women.

Unisex clear frame sunglasses

Radical dudes can totally rock the Treeline on the slopes, too. And to all of you power couples, don’t be afraid of matching clear glasses. When you’ve got confidence, stylish shades and some crushing to do, why not turn a few heads?

For small to medium male and female faces, our ever-lovable Dipsea (part of our round frame sunglasses collection) in frosted sky is a great way to riff on the transparent sunglasses trend while you hike, bike or just enjoy the great outdoors. For those who prefer a more retro sunglasses look, you can’t beat the Andiamo. With a square shape and steel rims, these stylish clear frame sunglasses are sure to make an elevated statement.

So if you’re on the hunt for some clear frame sunglasses, look no further! Whether you want a pair of clear sunglasses that epitomizes the trend, or you want to skirt the sidelines with sunglasses like Dipsea or Yuba it’s all groovy. Possibly even more groovy is that they ship without any plastic packaging and go towards a legendary cause—1% for the Planet. Not only that, but in 2020 we’ll be fully carbon neutral. Yeah, baby!

If you can’t quite bring yourself to jump on the transparent sunglasses bandwagon, that’s all good. Check out the Headlands, our take on classic wayfarer sunglasses. Or grab a pair of timeless half frame sunglasses. And remember, if you order two or more pairs, they ship free!

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sunski baia champagne amber front angle
sunski baia copper forest front angle
sunski baia black forest front angle
sunski baia wire tortoise bronze front angle


sunski polarized sunglasses miho dawn terra fade front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho sunset sepia front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho tortoise amber front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho black forest front angle
sunski polarized sunglasses miho seaweed sepia front angle


sunski tera tortoise forest front angle
sunski tera stone alpenglow front angle
sunski tera black gold front angle


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