Aviator Sunglasses for Men

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Aviator Sunglasses for Men
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History of Aviator Sunglasses for Men

Aviator sunglasses for men go back to 1936, where their cool-guy style had a practical purpose. Military pilots had been complaining about the eye strain and headache causing glare they experienced at high altitudes. Bausch and Lomb were tasked with providing a solution, and made the first pair of aviators (with green lenses!) in 1937. The glare protection and large teardrop lens worked so well that after World War II, aviators were adopted by more than just the Air Force. Most notably, the aviator sunglasses’ functionality was swapped for fashion.

After Tom Cruise rocked a pair of aviators in Top Gun in 1986, sales of the sunglasses increased by 40%. From Elvis Presley, to Michael Jackson, to Johnny Depp, aviator sunglasses for men are a long time fashion staple.

Perfect for the Outdoorsman in All of Us

Even though the original aviator-donning pilots were technically inside of a cab, we’ll allow them to count among outdoorsy folks, too. After being popularized by pilots, aviators became popular among hunters and fishermen. Our aviator sunglasses for men have convex, full coverage lenses that are perfect for any kind of outdoorsman. What makes an outdoorsman? To us, it’s simple: someone who does things outside.

You can wear our Foxtrox aviators when you’re reading a book on your balcony, or bring a pair of Astras--our most classic style aviator sunglasses for men- for the sole purpose of putting them on your dog and doing a photoshoot in the backyard. Heck, you can slap on your aviator sunglasses for men when you’re “working” from home from the picnic table at the campground.

Special Features of Men’s Aviator Sunglasses

Coverage: The large teardrop shape of aviator sunglasses covers a lot of your face, providing backup for your sunblock. The large size, combined with the rounded lens shape, means that your eyes will be guarded no matter which way you look.

Polarization: What gives Sunski aviator sunglasses for men an advantage over the rest is that they’re polarized. Polarized lenses reduce glare by absorbing horizontal rays of light, while allowing vertical rays in--just like the original purpose of aviator sunglasses for men, but even better. They’re ideal for reflective conditions with any amount of glare, from hot blacktop to freezing snow.

Sustainability: We don’t just talk the talk about environmentalism. We walk the walk, too (with our aviators on, obv.) Our men’s aviator sunglasses are made of recycled plastic. They come in plastic-free packaging, and we donate thousands of dollars yearly to environmental nonprofits. In a way, it’s kind of like our sunglasses are blocking the sun in a meta way, by slowing global warming. Let’s keep that ozone layer strong so have less harmful rays to block in the first place.

Winter Protection: When you’re in an alpine climate, you’ll need full coverage. The sun is stronger at higher altitudes, and the rays reflect off of the snow. This means the sun’s rays come from above, below and from all sides, too. That calls for a full coverage lens like our Treelines. They come in 3 color choices, and include removable side panels. The panels attach with magnets, making Treelines ultra-protective, kind of like a super low-profile, lightweight ski goggle.

When to Wear Aviators:

Maybe it’s their military origins, but aviator sunglasses give you a distinguished, “don’t mess with me” look. With a pair of our men’s aviator sunglasses on, you’ll hit the trail looking like a tough guy...but please, don’t step on any flowers. Leave no trace except the approving nods of jealous passersby who’ll wish they had their own Sunskis.

Men’s Aviator sunglasses are great for any sport that requires high levels of eye protection, like road cycling, fly fishing, or snowshoeing. We have pairs for the dirt, the snow, or the surf. Aviator style sunglasses started with a purpose, and our Sunski aviator sunglasses for men are true to that origin. They’ll probably be the most functional piece of outdoor equipment in your gear closet.

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