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Dispersed Camping: A Guide To Getting Way Out There & Camping For Free

December 10, 2021 Delaney Rosenthal

Ah, camping! Appreciating the beauty of nature, breathing the fresh air, playing in the dirt – and listening to the loud people in the campsite next to you spoiling your solitude…ugh. If you love to sleep under the stars, but aren’t a big fan of the close quarters in developed campgrounds, it’s time to try dispersed camping! The freedom of dispersed camping You know what the biggest benefit of dispersed camping is? It’s free! That’s right, unlike developed campgrounds where you have to pay a nightly fee, this is a completely free way to camp. So if you’re looking to...

Best California Road Trips to Take This Summer: Starting from San Francisco

December 10, 2021 Jordyn Vannorsdel

Here at Sunski, we’re founded on a spirit of adventure, and we’re proud Californians. To prove that point, I’m writing this from the passenger seat of a car driving through central California, on what is hopefully one of this summer’s many California road trips. There’s no better state to explore the open road than California: you’ll find every imaginable type of food, huge mountains, a desert with Earth’s highest recorded temperature, and tide pools full of sea creatures. Your trip of choice could be determined by your favorite outdoor activity or by your favorite climate, but because Sunski is based...