A Party to Remember

A birthday party can be a lot of things. A fancy dinner with friends. Dancin’ until the wee hours of the morning. Ensconcing yourself in cake. To each their own.

When Michael, Sunski’s Co-Founder, turned 30 he knew just how he wanted to party: in the mountains.

Rallying up a group of friends, they caravanned to the mountains and set up camp along the PCT. Michael wanted to combine three of his favorite activities on his birthday: ski touring, lake jumping, and s’mores, and the weekend didn’t disappoint.



From their prime camp spot, you could ski tour up thin tongues of snow before bombing down the runs and nearly into the lake. The crew skied, biked, fished, hiked, and ate their way through the weekend.

Who knows what shenanigans Michael’s 31st will hold! Cheers to 30 special years.

P.S. – bonus fun: Sunski’s Product Designer, Sindre, 3D printed Michael some special-edition flaps for his Plovers so that they could function as glacier goggles and protect him while ski touring. Best gift ever?!